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Detailed Features of Festindo a Events app

Festindo is an Events and Conferences app template run your events app business today run your own events Android mobile app, let your audience know about events & festivals happening nearby with our android festivals app template.

At present time Events, mobile applications are not that common in the market but there is an emerging demand for these applications. Every weekend brings plenty of expectations and you want to get rid of a regular busy routine. 

To have some relaxation and enjoyment you certainly want to attend some gatherings, concerts, conferences and any other event happening near you. But for people searching for events happening nearby is pretty daunting, but not anymore. Because here is the solution of Event App Template by 99steem.

Festindo is an amazing Android mobile application that will let you find upcoming events near you. Android App Templates of this amazing application will help users to interact with each other and find fun events to happen around. 

Festindo app comes with amazing and rare built-in features. However, this application is available for android only at present.

Feature of Festival & Events App Template

This app has a wide range of features those are quite important for Festivals & events industry. Some of the most prominent features are mentioned below.

User Registration

For people to be able to use the app they must sign up with the information required by the app. The Events & Festivals app script is equipped with all the basic registration tools in it. 

The registration is set to used for many purposes those are important for both App template owner as well as the end user.

Events Based on Location & Time

The app has a very advance Realtime navigation system that allows the app to get the user’s current location almost instantly right after logging in to the app. This location is then used to short list events and festivals happening nearby & to make the user experience way easier.

Also another filter that’s on the top of the home screen which works in way so that user can see the events happening through out the week by selecting the date. By default the most popular events are displayed on the home of the user after they are logged in.

Multiple Categories of Events & Festivals

Festindo app template also comes with the multiple categories options those admin can manage from the admin side which enables the user to navigate directly into the type of events user wants to see.

Events and Festivals happening in the city related to Concerts, Education, Sports, or any other parties or get-together that are public can all be navigated in these categories in the app.

Search Function

In the search tab of the application, template user can search for specific events they are looking to join. The keywords like, events, festivals or other related topics those user may be looking to see can bring the relevant data for user to view and nevigate between.

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