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Lawyers  app solution template to run your own law firm business through mobile app. Booking lawyer service with our mobile app solution.

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Detailed Features of Lawyer App Solution

There’s no question that if there’s anything that’s omnipresent in today’s world, it’s the “app.” From the complicated to the basic, from the award-winning to the indie, mobile applications have completely revamped the ways we get things done.

No one and nothing has escaped the advent of the app completely unchanged. These tools are at the forefront of 21st-century convenience, and they are amplifying efficiency across fields at unprecedented rates.

It appears a new “best app” list to appear every day. Of course, attorneys are among the countless other groups of professionals who stand to benefit immensely from their app use.

Our Lawyer App serves the amazing purpose to keep the lawyer, the firm, and the person who needs a lawyer in one place. Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms is designed for lawyers to enable legal professionals to switch from physical presence in the law office to remote work mode instantly.

Our app Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms is a complete package where the person who needs a lawyer can look for a professional lawyer on whatever the case he needs and then whatever type of consultation is required is provided to the customer.

It is an amazing app for the Law firms to buy too because it is a whole platform for the attorneys and the attorney seekers. Managing a law firm requires synchronicity of complex working processes.

Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms is a great tool in terms of its ability to simplify management within a law firm and turn the traditionally hectic hours into the breeze by easy navigation on the dashboard.

It is a great integrating solution highly recommended for usage in the law firms as it will unlock the new level of management and productivity for the attorneys.

Hence, having a reliable tool that will enable lawyers to get precise work time calculations effortlessly is of great importance when creating the app ecosystem.

In addition to the option of setting different billable rates for different clients, legal professionals can operate on a diversity of functions like rounding time, etc.

It features dashboards that let lawyers track cases and handle client flow. Its easy navigation lets you enable a text search based on keywords related to cases and their descriptions. Law firms can get one solution for solving multiple issues when it comes to perfecting the office routine and enhancing employees’ productivity.

Features of App

Ask a Lawyer

Ask a Lawyer in our Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms helps the person in need of legal advice and for that, we have a built-in feature of message and call. Your lawyer is just a call or a message away and you can consult for professional advice at any time, all you have to do is pay the charges of the time of consultation.

Find a Lawyer

There are many laws, and there are lawyers who specialize in about anything you can think of – from environmental attorneys to First Amendment lawyers to digital application attorneys. Whether you need Public Interest Lawyer to help in private legal representation or a children custody lawyer or a divorce lawyer you just have to look for it and the lawyer will be in front of you.


As it is the modern age and everybody is busy with their work and no one has extra time to waste on looking for lawyers all over the place and if you are a person living in New York you know how difficult it is to find a Lawyer in right time so this is an app for you too. All you need to do is open the appointment panel and make an appointment with your required lawyer.

Lawyer Details

The app contains full information of the lawyer, their email address to their contact number and where do they reside.

It also shows the testimonials of the lawyers which can help satisfy the customers who are needed for professionals and they fear that this might get their personal information leaked or any other security issue. Our app contains 100% authentic lawyers whom the people can trust with their time and information.

The information about the lawyer will also show in what field the lawyer specializes and the user can even find the lawyer of their choice by putting in the keywords to search for a lawyer for specific work.

In the Lawyer details section in our Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms app we give the full details of at what time the lawyer is free and when can you book an appointment with the lawyer and what will be the charges.

Payment Details

The app Lawyer App Solution for Law Firms also contains a payment details icon in which the user can pay the Lawyer their due fee through card i.e. online payment and the payment is 100% secured too.

Profile info

The profile info section is for the user who can Sign up on the app and then find their required lawyer for specific purposes.


Nowadays, it seems as though apps make the world go round. Though this can seem overwhelming, it is a gold mine of opportunity.

Legal professionals throughout the world have unprecedented amounts of platforms available to perform any functionality at the tips of their fingers.

By starting with this short-list of the essential apps every lawyer should have on their device, you’ll be poised to automate your firm and maximize more productivity than ever before.

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