Just Grab it a Classified Ads app solution a powerful Mobile app template

Just grab it is a classified ads mobile app script a complete classified ads app solution to run your ads business.

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Detailed Features of Just Grab it

Just Grab it – Classified Ads app a powerful Mobile app template

Just grab it is an application solution for classified ads. This application is pretty different than other related classified products available in the market. Just grab it app template is an all in one solution which is meant to complete your business. Backend which comes with this application template can show complete ins and outs statistics as well as it will also give an opportunity to access your user-base completely. 

It can let businesses to keep a full-fledged report of the things which are happening inside the application. Our application template can offer you massive functionalities which will let you do much more as compared to what you can get from other classified application builders.

Features of Just Grab it

– This application is built on native environment and currently available for android only.

– This application comes up with an integrated payment solution which is making it more profitable and convenient for the business owner.

– Businesses can charge specific percentage on every ad sold.

– As backend of this application is based on AWS therefore, this can offer a highly secure option for businesses to deal with their customers in any area.

– Source code of this application is pretty unique as well. As it is offering an opportunity for users to set a timer for all leading and renting. It means each hour you will build is subjected to charge you can get. This feature is making this application template a highly recommended option for businesses out there.

– Design of this application has been done so precisely that you will not want to change anything in it. From home page, settings, and other pages on application to splash screen of this application, you will find everything pretty unique, attractive and attention grabbing. As our professional team of designers has worked hard to make its design perfectly catchy.

– Out classified app template has come so nice and strong unlike other classified application builders that will tell you that you ate able to build an application for your website.

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