Handy Marketplace App Solution, Best Idea for your services

The handy marketplace app solution is a unique solution to run your own marketplace of services & handyman business on mobile platform.

Are you looking for a Handy Marketplace app solution or script for your business?

You can go live within 72 hours using our State of the art, Advanced, Customizable & User-Friendly Handy Marketplace App solution.

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Detailed Features of Handy Marketplace App Solution

The handy marketplace is a unique solution designed to meet our client’s expectations. Omglancer have made the app a combination of two sides. No 1 is the user side where users can come and look for the services they’re looking for.

The other side is the service provider side that allows the service providers to find job opportunities in town. It’s a powerful app ready for businesses to adopt. We are here if help is required for anything.

A complete solution to run your handyman business online within 72 hours. When you purchase this app template for android you get a complete app solution that you can start right away by changing the app icon and color scheme.

Handyman services are very popular and this business is getting very popular these days where people are sick of waiting handyman to come so they want a system where handyman will be obliged to come to a service seeker house within a time frame.

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