SEO Client Management Software

With over 10 years in the SEO industry managing 100’s of clients, Next X white label seo management platform offers one of the most unique platforms you can find on the internet!

Manage SEO Client Tasks on Calendar

To keep everything in line, you can manage the entire task of your clients on the calendar. The calendar view has different options. You can choose between Day, week or month. It enables you to manage things on the calendar just like you do on your Google Calendar. This is a really helpful functionality for many of those who are used to using calendars to be in check with the stuff that they do. This can directly be linked to your reporting software, so all of this information gets into the monthly report you send to your clients.

Manage Client Focused Keywords Easily

We all know how hard it becomes to manage multiple clients and ensure that the client is given equal opportunity for the money they have paid. The ability to manage the client keywords within the app gives you a quick view of what keywords you have to focus and work on, and the easy way of adding the keywords and managing them for each client makes things easier for the SEOs.

Mobile App for android & IOS

Our solution is accessible on both Android and IOS devices it can also be accessed on mobile browsers as well as tablets or any other operating system.

Automated SEO Reporting for SEO Agencies

With our SEO client management application, you will get access to automated client reporting as well. Highly customizable data studio template to automatically Fetch data from your dashboard in the report along with other important data like search console rankings and conversions from GA4.

Next X’s SEO Client Management Software is a white-label platform designed to simplify the management of multiple SEO clients. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our software offers unique and efficient solutions for SEO agencies.

Our platform is designed to handle hundreds of clients seamlessly, making it a scalable solution for SEO agencies of any size.

Yes, Next X offers a fully white-label platform, allowing you to brand the software as your own.

Absolutely, we provide comprehensive training materials and 24/7 customer support to help you get the most out of our platform.